Individual Artists

Brenda Lawson

Painter - Watercolor, acrylic

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Brenda Lawson has been a professional artist for over 30 years. She loves to paint animals catching their natural expressions as well as landscapes and flowers.

Bryn Roff

Painter - Acrylic, Oils, Watercolor

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A Pawleys Island local, Bryn is a young artist intrigued by eclectic photos of the natural elements, everything is a canvas in her eyes, murals, clothing, canvas, wood. 

Carrie Seabrook

Crafter - Mosaic art

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Carrie started her mosaic journey in 2014. Her mosaic's are made mostly from glass with some ceramic and other pieces. She creates custom pieces for interior design and art.

Charlotte Delcamp

Painter - Pastels

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Charlotte has recently started experimenting with pastels. There are many techniques in pastel painting and she has her own unique style. Her art can be found at Grayman Gallery.

Christy Janes

Painter - watercolors

    Christy Janes works mainly with watercolors and enjoys experimenting with Yupo paper. You can find more of her work in Gray Man Gallery

    Cynthia Silvers

    Painter - Watercolor, mixed media

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    Cynthia Silvers believes painting provides a means to experience the world more deeply. She often incorporates sumi-ink drawings in her watercolor and mixed media art.

    Dan Kraus

    Painter & Sculptor - Figurative

      Dan Kraus enjoys creating works of classical realism and taking opportunities to study with master sculptors and painters from around the US.

      Deb Bhattacharjee

      Painter - Abstracts, Landscapes

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      Originally from Mumbai, India, Debanjana's artistic practices are a blend of her Indian and western aesthetic sensibilities. Self-taught, she enjoys working in acrylics. 

      Deborah Smith

      Photographer/ Painter - Acrylic

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      Deb is a long time photographer and digital artist who has recently began to translate her vision to acrylic painting. Her favorite subjects are landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife.

      Ellen Williams

      Painter - oil and pastels

        Her painting style is best described as “realism with a touch of abstraction”.  She is an owner/artist at the Island Art Gallery. She loves creating oil and pastel paintings.

        Eric Heiden


          Eric is a photographer that uses a camera to capture moments in time that are usually passed by. His subjects are primarily ocean/water scenes."

          Gail Joley

          Painter - Watercolors

            With art as a lifelong interest she specializes in house portraits, pet portraits, florals and landscapes. She served as president of the GT county watercolor society.

            Gary Johnston

            Painter - Watercolor

              Gary started painting watercolor in 2005. He continues to take watercolor workshops from local & national artists. He has a background in structural engineering.

              Gloria Timmons

              Painter - oils and landscapes

                Gloria Hardy Timmons has dabbled in acrylics, watercolors and oils off and on for years until retirement from a counseling practice offered her the opportunity to paint full time. 

                Jane Woodward

                Painter - oils and acrylics

                  Jane Woodward moved to the coast of SC in 1999 and began to dedicate her time to her love of painting. Her work has been featured in many galleries all over SC. 

                  Janelle Feeney

                  Painter - Eclectic

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                  Her painting style is eclectic with each new painting, it's style evolves on its own. She is drawn to colorful paintings and tries to incorporate that in her works. 

                  Janice Coward

                  Painter - watercolor, acrylic

                    Janice has been painting in watercolor for most of her adult life and paints a variety of subjects. Recently she has been painting on large canvases and loves the change of scale. 

                    Jeanne O'Neal

                    Painter- watercolors and oils

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                    Jeanne loves to explore Coastal subjects and is inspired by the ever-changing marsh, beaches and animals of the Lowcountry. Jeanne's new obsession is creating in oils.

                    Jef Sturm

                    Painter - landscapes

                      Jef teaches painting for Coastal Carolina University OLLI Program & life drawing and painting for The Seacoast Artists Guild as well as privately. 

                      Joanne Willoughby

                      Painter - pastels, oil, watercolor, acrylic

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                      Joanne has been sketching or painting since she was a child. She has studied with some of the top artists in their field in oil and pastel. She teaches pastel class at her home in Pawleys.

                      Joe Tempel

                      Photographer - landscapes

                        Joe spent  most of his adult life in Colorado photographing the West. Now residing in North Litchfield, him and his wife enjoy visiting Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington. 

                        John Corn

                        Crafts - woodcrafting

                          John has a passion for woodcrafting. He enjoys turning a piece of raw wood into a useful art object, such as the Pawleys shell end table with the turtle shelf. 

                          Johnnie Cowan

                          Painter - oil, watercolor

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                          Johnnie paints Low Country landscapes and seascapes in a realistic and impressionistic style. She has over forty years of experience with painting and teaching. 

                          Karen Joyce

                          Painter -  oils, Acrylics and watercolors

                            Karen strives to have her paintings reflect her love of the Low Country as well as her love of animals. Her work can currently be seen at Gray Man Gallery in Pawleys Island.

                            Katherine Wynn Patrick

                            Painter - oil, pastel and watercolor

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                            Painting has been in part a journaling experience for her, with most of her work landscape or nature based. Katherine works in oil, using bold color and fluid brush strokes.

                            Kelly Atkinson 

                            Painter - oils

                              Kelly Atkinson is part-owner of Island Art Gallery in Pawleys, she shows her work there as well as enjoys teaching open studio classes. She loves to paint the Carolina coast.

                              Kenneth Mitchum

                              Sculptor - blacksmithing/metal

                                Kenneth is a self-taught blacksmith and Georgetown native. He was a chosen exhibitor at the city gallery in Charleston and has exhibited at the Rice Museum. 

                                Lamar Noriega

                                Painter - watercolors

                                  Lamar has done watercolors off and on over the years. After retiring she has put more focus on watercolor painting with an emphasis on her love of coastal subjects.

                                  Lee Brockington

                                  Author -  non-fiction, history and research

                                    Lee serves as the Coordinator of Public Engagement for The Belle W. Baruch Foundation at Hobcaw Barony, her storytelling is also phenomenal. 

                                    Libby Insley

                                    Crafts -  shell art

                                      Libby has a fine arts degree and primarily works with shells creating one of a kind pieces. She loves to do commissioned pieces and large projects. 

                                      Lora E. Jones

                                      Painter -  mixed media

                                        Lora's paintings vary, she uses a number of different media and styles, ranging from realistic and impressionistic to contemporary. She emphasizes design and creativity. 

                                        Lorraine Dauphin

                                        Painter - Oils and portraits

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                                        Lori moved to Myrtle Beach from CT 14 years ago. Lori has been painting from nature since childhood. She was commissioned for a triptych painting for Tupelo Honey in Myrtle Beach. 

                                        Lu Hook

                                        Painter - Pastels and watercolor

                                          Lu's favorite subjects include SC Low Country landscapes and still lifes. You can see more of her work in the Gray Man Gallery here in Pawleys Island. 

                                          Marsh Deane

                                          Photographer - nature, wildlife, conservation

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                                          Marsh Deane seeks to tell complex stories through imagery and to capture moments in time through an artistic lens. 

                                          Martha Murray Cox

                                          Painter - acrylic, watercolor

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                                          Martha-Murray is a self-taught artist and art instructor who enjoys working in acrylics and dabbles in watercolor. She incorporates bright colors and lively brushstrokes into her painting.

                                          Maura Kenny

                                          Painter - watercolors and mixed media

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                                          Maura's artwork finds its foothold in traditional painting technique while engaging contemporary thought, process and meaning. Her art can be found at Island Art Gallery. 

                                          Nancy Bracken

                                          Painter - watercolor

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                                          Nancy believes the fragile beauty of the Low Country must be preserved and shared. She creates watercolors that depict the beauty of the oceans, marshes and nature as a whole. 

                                          Nancy Van Buren

                                          Painter- watercolor

                                            Nancy began to explore a new career in painting, studying and taking workshops with many well known instructors. Her travels have greatly influenced her work. 

                                            Nicole Hendricks

                                            Painter - Watercolor, Pastel, Ink and Oil