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Individual Artists

Amy Marr.jpeg

Amy Marr

Painter - Oil and Pastel

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Amy grew up on the Great South Bay of Long Island and is an artist living in Murrells Inlet. Amy takes inspiration from the natural beauty of the oceanfront, bays and marshes, and historic cities and towns.

Carol Russell

Carol Russell

Painter - Acrylic and Watercolor

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Carol's art career began when she retired as an educator. She loves to explore new ideas and techniques. She is currently working mostly in acrylic.

Clay Johnson.jpg

Clay Johnson

Painter - Oil

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Painting primarily in oil, Clay Johnson usually works on site, directly from nature.

Daniel Strickland .jpg

Daniel Strickland

Painter - Acrylic

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Benjamin was born and raised in the South Carolina Lowcountry. He lives in Georgetown with his family and paints the landscape and surrounding Charleston areas that he fell in love with years ago.

David Ruigrok.jpeg

David Ruigrok

Ceramics  - Pottery

    David has been a potter for over six years. He started at a studio in Calabash, NC, took several semesters at CCU in ceramics, and started his own studio about two years ago. David enjoys wheel throwing the most and using clay of various colors to create one-of-a-kind pieces.

    Debanjana  Bhattacharjee

    Deb Bhattacharjee

    Painter - Plein air, Acrylic, Oil and Gouache

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    Debanjana Bhattacharjee is an en plein air painter who captures those fleeting beautiful moments outdoors. Her paintings are her instant reaction to the scene and are painted in the way she feels depicts the scene best. She can be seen painting the sunrise in Myrtle Beach daily during the summer.

    Deborah Smith.jpeg

    Deborah Smith

    Painter - Acrylics

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    Deb is a long-time photographer and digital artist who has recently begun to translate her vision into acrylic painting. Her favorite subjects are landscapes, waterscapes and wildlife.

    Denise Robinson.jpg

    Denise Robinson

    Painter - Oil, Acrylics, Graphite and colored pencils

      Denise is a native of Texas who has lived across the US in California, New York and, currently, Pawleys Island, SC. Denise creates her art from still life, photographs, and other media in her home studio.

      Diana Hochberg.jpg

      Diana Kayla Hochberg


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      Diana is an artist with a camera, using a blend of technical skills with an artistic eye. Every photo she takes has a story behind the lens. She loves Landscapes, The Golden Hours, Black & White, and Abandonded Buildings.

      Ed Rana.JPG

      Ed Rana


        Ed is a nature photographer, specializing in land and seascapes. Ed has been recognized for his art in national and international exhibits and has taught both technical and artistic photography classes. 


        Ellen Williams

        Painter - Oil and Pastels

          Ellen's painting style is best described as “realism with a touch of abstraction”.  She is an owner/artist at the Island Art Gallery. She loves creating oil and pastel paintings.

          Gail Joley.jpg

          Gail Joley

          Painter - Watercolor

            With art as a lifelong interest, Gail specializes in house portraits, pet portraits, florals, and landscapes. She served as president of the GT county watercolor society.

            Janelle Feeney.jpeg

            Janelle Feeney

            Painter - Oil, Pastel, Gouache and Watercolor

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            Janelle's painting style is eclectic with each new painting. Its style evolves on its own. She is drawn to colorful paintings and tries to incorporate that in her works. 

            Joanne Willoughby

            Joanne Willoughby

            Painter - Oils, Pastels, Watercolor and Acrylics

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            Joanne's artwork is inspired by the captivating beauty of the Low Country, which she loves to share through her paintings. Joanne has been painting in pastels for over 15 years, and oils for even longer. She loves to capture the beauty around her in Plein air and in the studio.

            Joe Tempel

            Joe Tempel


              Joe spent most of his adult life in Colorado, photographing the West. Now residing in North Litchfield, he and his wife enjoy visiting Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington. He focuses his work on black and white photography to capture the sense of place. 

              Karen Joyce.jpeg

              Karen Joyce

              Painter - Ink and Watercolor

                Karen strives to have her paintings reflect her love of the Lowcountry as well as her love of animals. Her work can currently be seen at Gray Man Gallery in Pawleys Island.


                Katherine Wynn Patrick

                Painter - Watercolor

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                Painting has been, in part, a journaling experience for Katherine, with most of her work being landscape or nature-based. She works in oil, using bold colors and fluid brush strokes.

                Kathleen Kazior.jpeg

                Kathleen Kazior

                Painter - Acrylic, Pastel and Oil

                  Kathleen wants her paintings to express her experience of her subjects, not particularly a realistic depiction. She loves color and movement, and her work runs the gamut from realistic to abstract.

                  kathy robinson.jpeg

                  Kathy A. Robinson

                  Painter - Oil

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                  Kathy is a local artist who spends her time between Columbia and Litchfield. After being busy raising her two girls, it has been an outlet for her to do something she loves. She hopes you enjoy her work as much as she loves painting it for you.

                  Kay Rugh

                  Kay Rugh

                  Painter - Acrylic and Watercolor

                    Kay is a retired Trauma/ER RN and has lived in South Carolina for 32 years. Since retiring to the Lowcountry, she started painting, first in acrylic and transitioned into watercolors. She loves intertwining colors and lines to create a whimsical glimpse into the beauty of the Lowcountry.

                    Keith Suttle.jpeg

                    Keith Suttle

                    Painter - Watercolor

                      Growing up on the coast of SE North Carolina, seascapes, marshes and waterfowl are my passions in painting. Have been painting on and off, mostly off, for 40 years and looking forward to capturing the many venues here in the Low Country.

                      Kelly Atkinson.png

                      Kelly Atkinson 

                      Painter - Oil, Pastel and Watercolor

                        Kelly Atkinson is part-owner of Island Art Gallery in Pawleys. She shows her work there on top of teaching open studio classes. She loves to paint the Carolina coast.

                        Lamar Noriega

                        Lamar Noriega

                        Painter - Watercolor

                          Lamar has been visiting his grandparents every summer since he was a toddler. He feels like Pawleys Island is his home. His art is primarily of coastal images. He has a deep love for the South Carolina coast.

                          Lora Jones.jpeg

                          Lora E. Jones

                          Painter - Acrylics, Oil and Watercolor

                            Lora grew up in Burlington, NC, attended Elon College and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in art education. For many years she taught, and upon retiring, started painting again. Her paintings range from realistic to abstract and from non-objective and include a wide range of media.

                            Lorraine Dauphin.jpeg

                            Lorraine Dauphin

                            Painter - Oil, Plein air and Watercolor

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                            Lori moved to Myrtle Beach from Connecticut 14 years ago. Lori has been painting from nature since childhood. She was commissioned for a triptych painting for Tupelo Honey in Myrtle Beach. Lori’s oil painting have been accepted into Artfields juried competition, three consecutive years and she’s garnered several awards for her work in Myrtle Beach.

                            Marsha Orr.jpeg

                            Marsha Orr

                            Painter - Oil and Watercolor

                              Marsha had art as a hobby during the years she worked in the Ohio education system. Retiring to Pawleys Island, she took classes with several local artists. Marsha looks forward to new challenges as she enjoys her art.

                              Mary Spechko.jpeg

                              Mary Spechko

                              Painter - Watercolor

                                GCWS 12 year member. Past President of the Society. I have been painting since I retired and entered many shows, where I received several awards and sold a number of paintings

                                Megan DuMont

                                Megan DuMont

                                Painter - Watercolor and Cyanotype

                                  Megan is a watercolorist, born and raised in Pawleys, from which she draws inspiration. Her grandmother was an accomplished watercolorist, and painting allows her to maintain a connection.

                                  Michael Rogan.jpg

                                  Michael Rogan

                                  Painter - Plein air and Oil

                                    Michael's landscape paintings are done in Plein air on-site in the Grand Strand area. He tries to capture the fleeting effects of light on a landscape while modifying the color to create interest in the painting.

                                    Mikki Huss.jpeg

                                    Mikki Huss

                                    Painter - Oils, Watercolor, Acrylics, pastels

                                      Mikki has been drawing & painting since childhood in Bradford, Pa. Married to Joe Huss. She was a part-time resident of the area for many years before moving permanently from Ohio. Her website is

                                      Nicole Hendricks.jpeg

                                      Nicole Hendricks

                                      Painter - Watercolor

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                                      Living on the Waccamaw Neck offers so many opportunities for artists to reverence the beauty of nature through their work. Using various mediums, Nicole also wants her art to represent current events, such as in the painting entitled, COVID Relief.

                                      Paula Robertson.JPG

                                      Paula Robertson

                                      Painter - Watercolor, Acrylics and Mixed Media

                                        Paula is a retired teacher from Maine and enjoys experimenting with varied techniques and artistic expressions.  Her final creations emphasize strong, vibrant colors.

                                        mcclellenvilledocks-air-22_HAV9908 copy.

                                        Phil Duwel


                                          A self taught photographer, Phil's passion for all things Lowcountry is reflected in his prints of its land and seascapes, its iconic venues, and its wildlife. 


                                          Sara Credito

                                          Painter - Watercolor

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                                          Sara Credito is an artist who lives in Pawleys Island. She is the owner and founder of w.i.n.k. art (whimsically inspired, naturally keen). 

                                          Shari Chamberlin.jpg

                                          Shari Chamberlin

                                          Painter- Mixed media

                                            Sharon was born and raised in Ohio and spent her career in social services. She has always been creative but has no formal art training. Watercolor painting is her passion. 

                                            Sharon Bogan .jpeg

                                            Sharon Bogan

                                            Painter - Watercolor

                                              Sharon was born and raised in Ohio and spent her career in social services. She has always been creative but has no formal art training. Watercolor painting is her passion. 

                                              Squeaky Swenson_edited.jpg

                                              Squeaky Swenson

                                              Painter - Watercolor

                                                When Squeaky isn't publishing the Coastal Observer, she is painting. She enjoys landscapes and primarily scenes with marsh grass or ocean views.

                                                Tanya Ackerman.jpg

                                                Tanya Ackerman

                                                Photographer - Photo Journalism

                                                  Award-winning photojournalist Tanya Ackerman captures images that portray the beauty of South Carolina’s Lowcountry and the passions of the people who live there. She's also an adventurer and nature enthusiast.

                                                  Terry Strawser.JPG

                                                  Terry Strawser

                                                  Painter - Watercolor, Pastel, Oil, Acrylic and Etchings

                                                    Terry began his artistry as a self-taught watercolor artist and later the art of printmaking. He has since added soft pastels, alcohol inks, oils and acrylics to his list of mediums. Terry lives in Myrtle Beach.

                                                    Tom Rugh.jpeg

                                                    Tom Rugh

                                                    Painter - Acrylic

                                                      Tom started painting after retiring from a career in construction management of heavy industrial & power engineering & construction. Tom’s art primarily focuses on the beauty of the lowcountry and loves painting commission dog portraits.

                                                      Tony Hendricks

                                                      Tony Hendricks 

                                                      Painter - Watercolor

                                                        Coming late to the practice of painting, Tony found his niche in the exacting and precise nature of Pointillism, which often requires him to use a magnifier to paint the thousands of tiny dots that form the images,


                                                        Tootsie Watkins

                                                        Painter - Watercolor

                                                          I am a Pawleys Island native, born and raised here. Retired owner of Watkin's Party Shop and Tootsie Hot Dogs. Catered for over 25 years and still make my " mini country ham biscuits" on order. Shells are my passion. I create what I like and hope my little ornaments will make someone happy. They are available at Gray Man Gallery

                                                          Vida Miller.jpg

                                                          Vida Miller

                                                          Painter -  Watercolor, Acrylic and Pastel

                                                            Vida is the founder of the WNAA. She is the former owner of Grayman Gallery in Pawleys Island and she enjoys painting a variety of abstracts and Lowcountry art. 

                                                            Miller, William.jpg

                                                            William Miller

                                                            Painter - Acrylic, Mixed medi and Watercolor

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                                                            William is best known for his large, contemporary, abstract paintings - created using digital technology and the traditional method of acrylic mixed media. 

                                                            Business Sponsors

                                                            Coastal Observer

                                                            Coastal Observer

                                                            Local Newspaper

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                                                            The Coastal Observer is Pawleys Island's local newspaper, covering the area since 1982. They cover newsworthy events in Georgetown county, focusing primarily on Pawleys Island.


                                                            Gray Man Gallery

                                                            Art Gallery and Custom Framing Shop

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                                                            Gray Man Gallery is located next to Bistro 217. Established in 1980, it is the oldest art gallery in Pawleys Island. Many SC artists have their works on display here, and they also provide custom framing services. 

                                                            Gallery front 17.JPG

                                                            Island Art Gallery

                                                            Art Gallery

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                                                            Island Art Gallery is an artist-owned gallery with eight owner artists that manage the gallery on a day-to-day basis. The gallery represents 26 artists in all and hosts two major shows a year.


                                                            Mindy McVay Interiors

                                                            Interior Design

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                                                            Mindy McVay, ASID creates spaces for clients to illustrate tales of past travel, current interests, and to design a stylish backdrop for a new chapter in the family’s and home’s history.

                                                            The-Original-Hammock-Shop-Color Ver_edited.png

                                                            The Original Hammock Shop

                                                            Hammocks & Furniture

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                                                            Cool and comfortable, the remarkable rope hammock originally designed by Captain John Ward still soothes and delights all who discover its relaxing comfort. We continue our long standing tradition of only selling rope hammocks hand woven in the Carolinas. To see our hammocks handwoven daily, be sure to visit our Weaver’s Shed located next to our Retail Shop in Pawleys Island, SC.


                                                            William H. Miller Studios & Fine Art

                                                            Art Gallery

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                                                            Positive Attitudes Change Everything (PACE). 



                                                            Gullah Geechee Chamber

                                                            We support all creative individuals.

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                                                            Our mission it to create global awareness of, profitability and sustainability of African American businesses and entities that support African Americans in the Gullah Geechee community.


                                                            Gullah Preservation Society

                                                            Preservation of Gullah History

                                                              The mission of the GPS is to preserve and promote the rich Gullah history, culture, language and people of Georgetown South Carolina. Zenobia Harper is the founder and director. 


                                                              P.I. Festival Of Music and Art

                                                              Pawleys Island Culture

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                                                              The Pawleys Island Festival of Music & Art is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create and enhance cultural awareness and enrich the quality of life for residents and visitors.


                                                              Paint Abstract Pink

                                                              George Raftelis

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